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"58 billion Dollars worth of sales in 90 odd days is amazing, net profits of 13.6 billion for the quarter is even more amazing. That translates to 2.33 Dollars per share. Gross margin improved to 40.8 percent from the comparable quarter (Q2 2014) last year, where it clocked 39.3 percent. Forget the strong Dollar, which has been the flavour for the reporting season thus far, 69 percent of Apple's sales are beyond the US borders. Meaning that only 31 percent of their sales are mainland US. In fact, for the first time iPhone sales in China were bigger than that of the US"

To market, to market to buy a fat pig. Although I do not like holidays encroaching on work time, I do believe that yesterday, Freedom Day is a special day for our country. I think that every year I tell you my boring story of how there was no queue when I voted in the 1994 elections, I voted a day early at the embassy in Maputo. On the 26th. There were three or four people ahead of my parents and my sister, that was it. No excitement, singing or dancing. I must admit that I felt empowered in some strange way, I was a little nervous doing something that 19,533,498 other people did that day. That is according to the Wikipedia entry South African general election, 1994.


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Stocks which we currently recommend

Amazon.com is the world's leading online retailer.

Apple is global leader in tablet and smartphone technology.

Aspen is a rising global star in generic pharmaceuticals.

BHP Billiton is the world's largest industrial commodity mining company.

Bidvest is a diversified services company, which may re-organise its portfolio.

Cerner provides IT solutions in the healthcare industry.

City Lodge is a growing mid-priced hotel group in urban areas of SA.

Discovery is a healthcare services administrator and life insurer.

Facebook is a dominant social media platform provider.

Famous Brands is SA's largest quick-service restaurant group.

General Electric is a diversified investment holding company.

Google is the world's biggest search engine and online advertising platform.

Johnson & Johnson is the largest consumer healthcare and pharma company.

L'Oreal is a world leader in the manufacturing and sale of beauty products.

Luxottica is the world's largest branded sunglass maker and retailer.

MTN Group is an emerging markets mobile telecoms giant.

Massmart is a big-box discount retailer in Africa, now 51% owned by Wal-Mart.

Mediclinic owns hospitals in SA, the UAE and Switzerland.

Naspers is an in emerging markets company focussed on digital TV & Internet.

Nike is a global designer and retailer of sporting equipment.

Omnia is a fertiliser and explosives producer.

Richemont is a luxury brands company expanding in Asia.

Sasol is a global player in chemicals and fuels technology.

Starbucks is a roaster, marketer and retailer of coffee.

Stryker makes hip and knee joint replacements and hospital beds.

Tiger Brands is a basic and branded food producer, expanding through Africa.

Visa is a global payments technology company.

Woolworths is SA's leading organic food retailer & clothing business.

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